Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now Wearing...

High Neck Pleated Blouse - Mint
Long Cardigan - H&M
Coated Jeans - Stella McCartney
Driving Gloves - H&M
Watch - Gucci
Color Block Boots - Marc by Marc Jacobs


Kacia said...

So weird! Last time I was in NY, my friends and I happened to walk past Inven.tory. We walked in, and I fell in LOVE. I love the whole store. Bought a bunch of stuff there.

I just noticed that they recently put their site up, and as I was looking through the different outfits I noticed that Lani is in it!

I've followed your blog for awhile and was so surprised to see two different pieces of my world together in one place, but good for you, Lani!

Love the blog, guys, keep up the awesome work.

Lani said...

kacia, you're so sweet! thank you for the comment & keeping up with the blog.

and i'm glad you got a chance to check out inventory while you were here. it's a fantastic shop. :)

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