Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Now Wearing...

Gray oversized button down shirt dress - Oak NYC sample
Brown double buckle belt - Ann Taylor Loft
Maroon lace up platform booties - Michael Kors sample
Earrings - Subversive for Target
Bangles & rings - no name

These shoes are so ugly, but I'm obviously kind of into them. I found them at the Loehmann's on the Upper West Side and wasn't going to buy them, but my friend and life mentor, Kelly pointed out that wearing them made me giddy. God, I hear myself, and I sound like a child.

In all seriousness, I was in love with the fit and the strangeness of the look. They're like a mutant platform hybrid of Timbs & Doc Martens (probably the reason why Michael Kors didn't go to production with them). Oh, and they make me super tall! I didn't realize how ridiculously high the platforms were until my co-worker asked me to measure them. 5 inches! No wonder I love them so much. They make me a dream height of 5'9.
Photography by the homie Randy Smith


Dream Sequins said...

Ooh I'm so feeling those shoes right now! I am into ugly right now. Well not ugly ugly, but kind of anti-glam looks. Loose trousers and wedgy boots with loose cashmere sweaters. That's going to be my Fall look. Love those shoes on you!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are great! I'm loving the whole ugly-utilitarian-sexy thing in shoes. They're really gorgeous, and the enormity of the platform makes them even better. They're a great find-- I've been dying to find something just like them.

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