Friday, October 22, 2010

H&M: SoHo Re-opening Event

Last night I had a chance to drop by the H&M re-opening in SoHo. Both stores on Broadway were redone inside and today marked the official launch of their new looks. While I couldn't make it during the day, earlier in the morning, the stores were offering giveaways and red carpet prizes.

While the two locations are relatively close in proximity, they house slightly different apparel for menswear. If you're looking for more casual wear, check out the 558 Broadway location (b/n Spring and Prince St.) and if you're looking for outerwear, suits, or blazers, check out the 515 Broadway location (b/n Spring and Broome St.).

There were some great opening sales which were easy on the wallet ($3-$10) for both men and women. The cotton argyle sweater for men for $10 a pop was a steal!

The stores themselves were updated with an urban vibe and had paneled walls, graffiti work, wall decals and great accessory displays.

Both stores housed DJs which let you get your groove on while shopping around for stuff.

On a side note, I saw this piano in the lower level and initially thought it was fake. So I pressed a ton of the keys all at once...turns out it was real which left me with no choice but to run back upstairs and away from everyone who was looking at me (in hindsight - I probably should have pressed one key to test it out instead of 20).


Steven said...

is the sale only for today or does it go on tomorrow?

Jeffo said...

hi steven

sorry - i'm not sure if it was just for the opening day or if its still on for the weekend. if I find out i'll post an update here.

shana said...

hahahahah how embarrassing.

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