Tuesday, October 27, 2009

dupli-Caught: Nine West vrs Camilla Skovgaard

Camilla Skovgaard Left, Nine West Right

I've recently been in love with shoes by Camilla Skovgaard, but apparently so is Nine West. These Nine West Abi shoes look surprisingly similar to these Camilla Skovgaard Open Toe Booties. The Nine West Version is retailing for $99 while the Camilla Skovgaard's are on sale for $536.99. They have near identical zip and cutout placement and buckle ankle strap but differences lie in the detail.

The Nine West version features a platform, a chunkier stacked heel that comes straight down which makes the shoe look less graceful. Also, the zipper flaps that don't lie flat, the ankle straps are shorter and the leather is a rougher textured leather. These are available in black only.

The Camilla Skovgaard's are a much more smooth and polished leather. The heels are higher, thinner, leather wrapped and have a delicate curve that flows into the shoe. The zipper closure is also much better constructed and lines cleanly flat against the shoe. In addition, the ankle strap is made slightly longer to create a gentle knot when worn. Camilla Skovgaards version comes in Black as well as the delicate Elephant shade pictured above.

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