Sunday, September 12, 2010

NYFW Runway Review: Fashion Next

Erin and I had the chance to check out Fashion Next - a runway competition hosted by Elle for 22 lucky grad studends from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). The judging panel was stacked and included names like Waris Ahluwalia, Doreen Arbel, Dan King, Deborah Lloyd, Alexis Bryan Morgan, Anne Pasternak, Marcia Patmos, Joe Zee, Ann Slowey, Tommy Hilfiger, Nicole Miller and Derek Lam. The following awards were presented to the winners of the competition:
  • Top Prize - $25,000 presented by Elle and RISD (winner - David Yoo)
  • Kate Spade Award - $10,000 grant and mentorship with Deborah Lloyd (winner - Caroline Hust)
  • Maybelline NY Fashion Next Award - $25,000 (winner - Jessica Castellano)
  • People's Choice Award - TBD (if you'd like to vote please click here)
This was my very first NY Fashion week show so I was ├╝ber stoked to soak in the runway vibe! It was a great show to get my feet wet since it had a mix of different individual styles and viewpoints all under one roof. It reminded me a bit of the judging sessions for any Project Runway episode where each designer's work is completely different from the next.

Each designer had their own strengths and personal aesthetic which kept the show interesting, light and fun. It was also great to see a variety of fabrics, construction, workmanship and sheer talent these students had!

Some pieces with exposed zipper detailing. The outfit on the left made me think of a futuristic maid uniform for some reason - but nonetheless, the zipper detailing all across the side hem of the skirt added a nice touch.

JT's sexy back has nothing on these gals! All of these dresses had amazing back silhouettes which definitely caught my eye. My favorite of this lot was the bottom dress which had a raw yet polished look and looked amazing on the model.
While the above outfits look completely different from one another - both had an amazing use of texture. The top outfit combined various panels of ribbed knits together in different colors and patterns, while the bottom outfit utilized a plethora of different textures and fabrics to create its appeal. For the outfit on the right, even though there was so much going on all at once, it all worked together nicely.

This set of dresses all had great movement and seemed to float down the runway. My favorite of this lot was the bottom dress which was simple and elegant. The shorter length in the front of the dress gave view to a black, raw-edged sheer lining which balanced out the femininity of the dress with some edge.

The oversized triple layered collar and spindle-like toggle closures in the front added an interesting take on this wool creme coat.

There was definitely a great wearability factor to this outfit. It had a great skirt with red piping which from a distance gave the illusion of pleating. The ribbing on the cuff and waistline in addition to the reverse neckline also gave the outfit a nice touch.

A modern take on Asian aesthetic. The outfit on the left looks like a modernized version of the Korean Hanbok that's both rustic and elegant.

This was one of my favorite outfits of the show. The combination of different textures, fabrics and shades of mauve were stunning and the leather detailing gave this look just enough of an edge without compromising its wearability or sophistication. I loved everything about this outfit.

Top Award winner David Yoo's sheer tulle pants were simply amazing. I loved how the sheerness of the pant enabled you to see the actual construction of the garment including the zipper, waistband, pockets, side seams and cuffs. Sexy-chic is all I have to say about this! These pants would look great layered with a pair of shorts underneath - definitely another one of my favorite pieces of the lot.

While womenswear dominated the show, a few designers opted to include some menswear pieces to showcase down the runway.
I thought the take on the blazer was interesting. Normally I find blazers restricting so I could definitely relate to the bondage inspired jacket where the arms were fused to the body. Not the most functional of pieces but creative nonetheless!

This was my favorite out of the menswear. I thought the cropped leather jacket was a great piece and the back webbed detailing looked amazing.

Special thanks to the wonderful folks at HTC for providing us with the HTC Aria which helped us snag this video and made uploading to Youtube a breeze!

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