Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rumors be True - Lindsay Lohan to Ungaro

Lindsay Lohan left, Estrella Archs right
Rumor mill was right months back when talented designer Esteban Cortazar was having conflict with the house over Lindsay Lohan possibly coming on board as a Artistic Advisor.

The house of Emanuel Ungaro has also brought on board an almost unknown chief designer Estrella Archs.

According to WWD:
The Spanish designer and the actress/singer/tabloid sensation are slated to present their first collection in Paris on Oct. 4, likely coming out together at the end of the runway for a bow... Archs first met Lohan at the end of June and said, “We get along really well. I think she’s fun. She has an eye for fashion. She’s very enthusiastic. She’s very much for the youth, for the sexiness.” The two women have subsequently met several times in Los Angeles, London and Paris to ready the spring-summer 2010 line.

Personally, I'm in a little bit of shock. As much marketing cache as Lohan has, can she sell high end clothing? I don't think her image would appeal to me if I was a luxury customer. Lohan, who is scandal ridden, seems mass market rather than refined. She sells leggings and sunscreen, not luxury. Guess in the end it all comes down to hits. A WWD states that google search of Lohan, "yields more than 26 million results, versus only 1.3 million for Ungaro."


Carolyn said...

ugh...that pretty much sums up my opinion on this. I guess they're looking for attention, too, and found someone to help grab it, regardless of how low-brow. Perhaps low brow is the new chic? Count me out.

Erin said...

I definitely agree, this for me almost symbolizes the white flag of desparation rather than a legitimate attempt!

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