Friday, September 17, 2010

NYFW: An Inside Peek at the Lincoln Center

Fashion week has officially come to an end. It came and went so quickly as do all amazing things do in life - so I can't wait until February for the next NYFW! This was the first time that the Lincoln Center housed the week long event so unlike most people, I had no basis for comparison. Overall I thought the venue was great and there a great space to mingle before/after shows, check out different booths, chill out, grab a coffee and blog.

Since this was my first NYFW experience I thought it'd be nice to show you some pictures of what things look like from the inside. Before this week - I always wondered what it was like!

In between shows, bloggers could be seen updating pictures, typing notes and writing posts. Definitely must make use of this next time!

After the Cynthia Rowley show, Erin stopped by the Kim Crawford booth to get a hand massage while I watched a recap of Richie Rich's runway show on the big screen where Ellen Degeneres made her debut runway performance - awesome!

Some of the booths at the Lincoln Center

The dreaded check-in stand. While this looks calm now, before every show - this becomes a nightmare with a whirlwind of people lining up to get their seating assignments.

To help with the massive lineups, some scanning stations were set up which supposedly would print out your seating assignment. For some reason this machine never worked for me so I always had to wait in the massive lineups at the regular check-in counter.

Stay tuned and check back frequently as we'll be posting up the remainder of our fashion week coverage soon!
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