Monday, September 28, 2009

Man Down, Man Down!

Somehow, we're always sick at the same time. Lani with a bad cold and case of burn out. Erin with severe food poisoning. We have work in the morning, but are hoping to be back in good health by tomorrow evening. So many street style and shopping links to share!

Hope you had a good weekend. Stay healthy! And let's chat soon.


WendyB said...

Ugh! Food poisoning is the worst.

cousin mgk said...

aaaah. poor my cousin. what'd you eat? are you turned off anything now?

Erin said...

Wendy, I sooo agree! Finally able to keep food down so I'm getting my strength back!

Mgk, not so sure what the culprit was because I went to a potluck that day then I went to eat steamed dumplings...should have known it was weird that food wasn't smelling that good to me!

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