Friday, September 25, 2009

iWant: Camilla Skovgaard

I had just finished dinner and was walking by a Brooklyn boutique when these shoes screamed at me from the window! These shoes by Danish Designer Camilla Skovgaard are dangerous and the price tag at $440 isn't exactly friendly either. The chain paired with the intense serrated grip sole (which is the designer's signature sporty touch) adds both drama and function to these 4 1/2" heels. What can I say except, I love to love these babies! Unfortnately from me even if I could afford them, they don't come in size 5 :(...but for those who can dream Camilla Skovgaards are available on, and

1 comment:

Melissa Loschy said...

I saw these in the latest issue of Elle and pretty much drooled directly on the page! WHY must they be so expensive, I NEED them!

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