Monday, September 14, 2009

Alice + Olivia Presentation Spring 2010

Lani and I had the opportunity to check out the Alice + Olivia Presentation with Nylon Magazine on Saturday night. It was held in the Meatpacking district at the Bumble and Bumble building. The atmosphere felt more like a party/concert than about the clothes. But on a Saturday night it did everyone some good to have a chance to blow off some steam.

The scenery that was set up was super cute illustrations of the streets of Paris. The lines of the clothing were simplified. And yes, being Alice + Olivia, there was still some element of glitz via sequins/beading and shimmer, it seemed lighter and less over the top.

My fave piece of this collection has to be the look to the above right! The satin trench vest is def a great wardrobe essential.

As for the rest of the collection? Not ground breaking but an assortment of pretty pastel colors, sometimes in gradient ombres to create an ice cream effect against beige, black, navy and white neutrals. Skirt lengths are short fitted and full silhouettes. Tank style tops, pegged crop harem pants, lace and wet look leggings continue.

In case you're wondering about the shoes, they will be part of the upcoming Alice + Olivia Payless collection.

On a side note, the Plasticines, who are under the Nylon label were performing while decked out in Alice + Olivia Sequins! They looked super cute!

The fun part of being at a presentation that's more like a party? The random famous faces you get to see. We spotted Mena Suvari, Sophia Bush of One-Tree-Hill, a Real Housewife, a former Top Model and apparently Kate Hudson was there for a quick minute. Lucky Lani was with me, because I seriously am horrible at recognizing people!

We got the chance to meet Devon Aoki and snapped a quick photo before camera's and press started swarming her! She is not as tall as I would have imagined, but her face is so beyond tiny and she has such a unique look that her success does not surprise me.

We also bumped into Nicky Hilton on her way out.

I think one thing we quickly realized at this party was that we were the shortest people in attendance! The average height of the party goers must have been at least 6'0"!!! Oh well, it was still a fun time no matter how tall you are ;)


jun said...

Great post! It was a fun read.

Erin said...

Thanks so much Jun! Glad you enjoyed the read^^

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