Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now Wearing...

Gray tee - American Apparel
Yellow skirt - American Apparel, dress folded down to be worn as a high-waisted skirt
Caramel platform wedges -Tashkent by Cheyenne
Beaded necklace - Forever 21
Assorted bangles - from India

I noticed that I've been wearing a lot of yellow this week. My friend Joanna always says that she can't wear it because she's Asian. "I'm yellow, so I can't wear yellow!" False, Asians can wear yellow.

It's just a matter of which yellow; it's like picking a red lipstick. There's no universal shade for everyone, so you just have to find a shade that's right for your skin tone. In general I like more golden yellows (marigold, mustard, etc), and I tend to stay away from pale and pastel yellows.


Erin said...

haha i'm the opposite :) pale nut warm yellows only and actually it helps that you keep the yellow directly away from your face!

Erica said...

Love the pop of goldenrod, Mizz Lani

pattie said...

that is my FAVOURITE dress from aa. it's so versitile. i love the yellow on you =)

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