Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Now Wearing...

Dressed super casual, for the was super hot and I was helping a friend move and then I headed to a rooftop bbq. I spent most of the weekend outside but unfortunately got a million mosquito bites this week, who would have thought while traipsing about Manhattan?! Any good remedies?

Pocket front Trapeze Top - Zara
Side Tie Shorts - Patrick Robinson for Target
Skinny Strap Flip Flops - Havaianas courtesy of Fashion Week
excuse the licorice ;)


keika said...

baking soda and water for the 'skeeto bites!

it looks very unfashionable and is very messy, but it works like a charm. make it into a gel-like paste and rub it on the bites (or you can use a cotton ball)

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

ooooH thanks Keika I will def be trying that one! the buggies love me

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