Friday, July 24, 2009

Hermes Tie Design Contest

Luxury house Hermès is holding a design competition for Neckties design, 'les cravates par Hermès'. The winning entries will not only be produced but have the chance at royalty based contracts and cash prizes!
-first prize € 3000 euro
-second prize € 2000 euro
-third prize € 1000 euro

Design keeping in mind Hermès core values of fine craftsmanship, masterful design and timeless style.

The guidelines:
Create a new pattern or a re-interpretation of the Hermes classic patterns (equestrian -, sport -, marine theme, whimsical animal motifs, geometric variations including stripes, plant and flower designs and the H delicately imprinted across the surface of the tie) or something completely different, that could be used for the silk-screen printing - or weaving technique. Here is the template for entry.

Contest ends August 1, 2009. Full details here.


Kelsey said...

This looks like so much fun! I want to do it even though I'm not really a graphic designer at all... tee hee

Erin said...

good luck Kelsey! I'm gonna try my luck too if I have enough time!

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