Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giveaway: POSSIBLE New York Necklace

This week we've giving away this lovely gold starfish necklace from POSSIBLE New York. The piece is perfect for summer. It would look great with a bohemian dress or even just a plain tee.

POSSIBLE New York is a new accessories line by Polar Buranasatit. All the elements in each necklace and charms set are hand-sculpted, hand-painted and hand-picked. His latest collection, Endless Summer, was inspired by "carefree and nostalgic feel of a summer beach lifestyle." For more on POSSIBLE New York, check out possiblenewyork.blogspot.com.
For a chance to win, leave a comment with your favorite item from POSSIBLE New York's store, name and email address - spell out the dot com so your spam robot doesn't pick up your address. Contest is open to US and Canada residents and ends Tuesday, 7/28/09.

*make sure you mention your favorite item to be eligible to win!


Anonymous said...

mslucypho at gmail :) thanks!

Monique said...

ooooh i like these necklaces! just looking at them make me feel relaxed. favorite is the summer catch- the tiny bead eyeball is cute. monique: moneecue at gmail enter meeee

Carolyn said...

I love the "Message in the Bottle" !!

Very cool!



Stephy Pool said...

My favorite necklace is the Unisex Urban Ethnic Necklace in Red.

pool.stephy @ gmail dot com

Naomi said...

i LOVE the "Big FISH!" lol super cute necklaces (:
naomileung @ yahoo dot com

Karen said...

I like the Gold Starfish that is pictured. Definitely a nice reminder of summer!

karen0z.dork [at] gmail [dot] com

Jenny said...

Message in the Bottle!

jennythepapaya at gmail

Kat said...

My fave POSSIBLE necklace is "The Lifesaver." I think it would be perfect accessory for the New England roadtrip my boyfriend and I are planning. Plus, I could fill up the bottle with sand from the beaches we visit.

katsaoyen [at] gmail [dot] com

Lauren said...

gotta say love the gold starfish! i would wear this all the time. hope i win :)

currier [dot] lauren [at] gmail [dot] com

EclipsieZ said...

love the Big Fish-- reminds me of California and my zodiac sign. I wonder where the sand is from?

EclipsieZ [at] yahoo [dot] com

Erica said...

I dig the Gansta Gunz. Love the dainty size/finish to the don't-eff-with-me charm.

erica dot n dot taylor at gmail


Giang said...

tgiangle @ gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love nautical themes! This necklace would be so cute with a blue and white striped shirt. I have two favorites - the gold starfish and the big fish. My email address is gloria.jane.lee@gmail.com

Thanks :)

Shelly said...

my favourite is the endless summer gold starfish necklace.

shelly [dot] paik [at] gmail [dot] com

Cassandra from Toronto said...

Oooo! They're all so cute but I have to say "THE GOLD STARFISH" is my fave!!!

Keep up the awesome blog ladies!

cassandra.chu @ rogers dot com

lipstick cherry said...

my favorite is : Gangsta Gunz Necklace


Hadar said...

I bet I'm the oldest commenter on here but I think I'm probably the most effected by this kind of fashion. It is so playful, and reminds me of my crafty style in high school, like when I would brain necklaces into my hair...ha!

meiri.hadar@gmail dot com

Kathy said...

i like The Lifesaver necklace!

kathyiscool@ gmail dot com

wooooo sugar rock catwalk!

june said...

love the gold starfish!

junekim100 @ gmail dot com

The Giveaway Diva said...

aww i love big fish!! how cute!!!

nicolemarielum @gmail.com

jun said...

Hey girls,

Long time reader, not first time commenter.

Checking out Possible and I love the Glam Gunz brooch. Hot!!

aprmayjun at gmail dot com

Chen said...

My favorite is The Gold Starfish. Cute necklaces--love the length!

chelium @ gmail dot com

Yeoshina said...

Unisex Urban Ethnic Necklace is for sure my favorite!

yeoshina21 at sbcglobal.net

I'm definitely going to be picking up one of these, if I win or not!

Christine said...

NEW Endless Summer Necklace Collection - The Message in a Bottle

Christine Chung
christine.cmc at gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Absolute Favorite: Endless Summer Bundle - The Summer Catch

jessie wu
jjeessiieewu at yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I really love them all, but i have to say my most favorite would have to be the "THE GOLD STARFISH" necklace. I love starfish and actually have a tiny gold starfish charm on the bracelet I am wearing right now!!! :)

mnaba0311 @ gmail dot com

Silviaznoa said...

My favorite is The Gold Starfish. Cute necklaces--love the length! chelium @ gmail dot com

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