Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Preview: Phillip Lim Shoes, Lingerie, Swimsuits

Lim lovers rejoice, today announced that Phillip Lim will be expanding his line 3.1 Phillip Lim to include three new categories: shoes, lingerie and swimwear! While most brands are struggling through these challenging times, Lim boldy declares, “We’re not fearful of the economy"

I think the genius of Lim is that he really understands the contemporary woman's heart and what she needs to feel beautiful, unique and luxurious at a price point that isn't too far out of reach.

His swimear line will debut in time for summer and there are 2 one piece looks and 1 bikini. Lingerie will be debuting at 3.1 Phillip Lim boutiques May 20, but are slated to hit everywhere else by Spring 2010. And for shoes? Shoes will be here in time for Fall 2009. Guess that means no more collaborations with the likes of Tatami or Christian Louboutin?


Dream Sequins said...

Hey girls! I read that he was going to continue the collabs with Louboutin? Speaking of Lim, I met him at a fundraiser last night and he was so sweet and down to earth. If I wasn't a fan, I'm certainly a fan now!

Erin said...

OOoO you met the Lim? Cute! If he continues the Louboutin Collabs then perhaps is double the shoe lovin...I won't object!

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