Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dupli-CAUGHT: Matt Bernson vs Steve Madden

Exhibit 1
Matt Bernson, KM Gladiator, $170 vs
Steve Madden, Broose, $69.95
Besides the lack of studs in the back of the foot bed, the Steve Madden pair is pretty much an exact replica of the Matt Bernson gladiators.

Exhibit 2
Matt Bernson, Nouer III Navy Fringe Sandal, $165 vs
Steve Madden, Barbyy, $79.95
I think it's clear now who Steve Madden turns to for sandal "inspiration". Again the only difference (besides craftsmanship and materials of course) is the lack of foot bed detailing. Shame on you, Steve Madden!

To shop or check out more styles from Matt Bernson, visit mattbernson.com.


Anonymous said...

Steve Madden was also seen in Top Shop last week drawing sketches of their high heel collection. Guess we know who he turns to for his inspiration for heels....shame on you x2 Steve!

Anonymous said...

yea! i saw these in the SM window and KNEW they knocked it off! I wouldnt have otherwise known if I wasnt aware of the Matt Bernson Sample Sale that happened just last weekend!

Anonymous said...

omg and that Top Shop comment is HILARIOUS! LOL

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