Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dupli-Caught: Mango vrs Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten Left, Mango Right
Remember how I reported recently that Topshop was "borrowing" from the Jewelry design at Dries Van Noten? Well looks like Mango has jumped on the knock off bandwagon. Did they think we wouldn't notice? While the design of the top and dress that the print was used was definitely not Dries, the print was clearly straight off the Spring 2009 runway!

Mango's Gloria dress retails for $84.90. The top version retails for about $35 and is not available online. While the Dries Van Noten would probably be around $900, as the skirt version retails for about $440 online. The fabric of the Mango version is a thin slinky jersey while the Dries Van Noten is a 100% Cotton woven fabric. There are also slight differences in the print, the Dries Van Noten's squares fade into almost nothing and all the squares are even and not distorted, while the Mango verson has the squares slightly bigger and skewed on some parts to try to dramatize the optic effect. I understand inspiration is one thing, but shame on you Mango for not hiring graphic designers to create new prints.

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