Thursday, April 9, 2009

YSL the Musical?

Who didn't love Yves Saint Laurent? The world, particularly the fashion world mourned at his funeral last June, making it the largest fashion funeral in attendance since Christian Dior. But is that enough of a reason to create a musical?

According to WWD, "French signer Alain Chamfort and songwriter Pierre-Dominique Burgaud are working on staging a musical production based on the late couturier’s rise to the pinnacle of fashion fame, starting with his early days at Christian Dior to his many couture exploits. Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent’s partner, said he has listened to the songs. “They are very good,” said Bergé. “They are moving.” The production comes less than a year after Saint Laurent’s death from brain cancer last June."

I'm not sure what a musical about the life a couturier/designer will amount to, but there are certainly musical's about odder topics. As long as
Bergé agrees they are appropriate, who am I to complain?

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