Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Preview: Paul & Joe Sister Fall 2009, Top 10 Looks

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Dietch PR & Caro Marketing, Lani and I got a chance to attend a preview event to check out some upcoming collections of various designers.

Paul & Joe Sister, the diffusion line of Sophie Albou's Paul & Joe, was one of the largest collections we saw at the event! I think they were saying that it's actually over 500 pieces including shoes, handbags and belts. So there is definitely something for everyone. We've picked out our top 10 faves from this collection to share!

1. Isn't the whimsical rabbit in the magician's hat adorable? So is the shape of the tee, I think the cocoon shape is very now and would look great over skinny acid wash jeans or leggings.
2. Love this sweater vest. The chunky double breasted heather yarn would look great over boot cut jeans or cropped trousers!

3. The Band Jacket! This is the must have item that's been seen on many a catwalk. The sequin trim makes this one stand out above the rest! The 80s are so hot right now!
4. The Little Black Dress - This one is so simple yet so modern! I loved the pockets and how clean the lines were.

5. The Long Sequin Vest, this little number can add sparkle to any outfit! So practical! Over jeans, trousers, leggings, dresses and skirts!
6. The One Shoulder Dress - I thought this ruffled plaid one shoulder was romantic and dramatic.

7. The Folksy Ditsy Floral Dress - This one has just the right amount of charm and nostalgia without being too retro or overly sweet.
8. The Perfect Moto Jacket - Such a key item that can transform many a look, whether it be weekend chic with skinny jeans and flats or tough beauty paired over a soft summer dress. I loved that this one was actually a dark grey and the leather was soft but not the super buttery kind that will stretch out or get damaged easily. This leather had good weight to it!

9. The Dangerous Cropped Boot. Chain trim adds a glam edgy feel to any of your outfits. So fun yet so wearable!

10. Two Times the Bag. This bag was super great! I've seen a lot of convertable bags on the market, but it's so refreshing to finally see something different from the Foley+Corrina City Tote that I've seen all over NYC!

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Anonymous said...

We loved meeting you both and were inspired by your passion for fashion. So fun, you both shooting pictures in the fire-y Royalton Hotel lobby. Hope to see you next preview. Caroline, Caro Marketing

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