Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now Wearing...

An eye patch? Oh yay, nerdy glasses glare.

Quilted sweatshirt vest - Men's Diesel
Black long sleeve - Mossimo, Target
Black gray acid wash jeans - Criminal Damage UK
Eyeglasses - Alain Milki
Earrings - Subversive for Target

The vest is a hand-me-down from my friend Steven. He was cleaning out his closet earlier this week, and I was so fascinated by the texture that I was determined to keep it.

Worn alone, it's quite ill-fitting and noticeably so. It's too big from my frame, but not soft or thin enough to drape. So to make it work, I wore a circle scarf under to give it some shape by supporting the collar and filling out some of the vest. And by wearing contrasting snug long sleeves, I made the vest pop more and the overall look less frumpy - than if I were to have worn it alone.

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