Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Day After: Matthew Williamson for H&M

According to WWD within 11 minutes half the stock of Matthew Williamson's H&M Line was already sold. Although this collection garnered considerably less hype and was more of an orderly rush to get merch, there is not much left. The only items left standing at the 51st & 5th Ave NYC location were the Pink & Teal Feather Cardigan, a Silk Butterfly Wing Print Dress that seemed slightly flimsy, pink patent Barbie studded belts and Butterfly print graphic tee. Nothing particularly awe inspiring and unfortunately not a Blue suit in sight! The only merch left I wanted was left in the Window display that had me wishing I could tear it off the manequins :) Guess I'll have to wait til May 14th for round 2, although it's supposed to be less special pieces and more mass merch at that point.

1 comment:

sugar&spice said...

you can ask the staff if you can take what's on the maniquin. hasn't failed me yet!

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