Monday, March 9, 2009

Now Wearing...

Dark purple drapey blouse - Vivienne Westwood
Body Jewelry - Bliss Lau "Cross My Heart", which can be worn a number of ways, but this one I thought of myself
Navy tank - American Apparel, a shift dress that I rolled up into the elastic waist to shorten
Rings - no name & Forever 21
Acid washed jeans - Criminal Damage UK
Black boots - vintage

I wanted to wear my lace up oxford heels, but it was rainy. Oh well, rain means it's getting warmer and spring is around the corner! I can't wait.


misscindee said...

hello hello. thanks for your comment. rain? u are lucky. we just had a crazy snow storm on sat. =(

Anonymous said...

omg i desperately want some body jewelry!! mostly the diamond top one, it's so beautiful

Lani said...

haha, i'm thankful for the warmer weather! can't wait til spring. i'm so over wearing layers of clothing and lugging around a coat everywhere.

and to anonymous, yes, i love the diamond top! that is my dream piece. it's at the top of my iWant list.

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