Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now Wearing...

The new bangs made me feel a little doll like! So I pulled out the fun skAlign Leftirt I got at a clothing swap and have been dying to wear and took my outfit from there! I didn't want to look too monochromatic, so I added a pink cardi to soften things up!

Beaded Pearl Button Sweater - Express, Maybe 5 years ago???
Graphic Tee - Libertine for Target
Tiered Mesh Petticoat Skirt - H&M via Clothing Swap. It's a couple sizes too big, so I hiked it up and put on an elastic belt to make it high waisted! I haven't got around to adjusting it yet, but maybe I won't because I liked the look.
Black Leggings - Xhilaration, Target
Leg Warmers - No Name
Bow Necklace - Dominique Cohen for Target
Elastic/Patent Belt - No Name
Ear Flap Hat - Mexx
Lace Up Booties - Vintage
Laser Cut Wool Eyelet Coat - Liquid
Purple Scarf - I knit it using Twinkle Soft Chunky


Shelly said...

i love the bangs! it looks great :) i love how bangs look but can't deal with it myself...

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

thanks shelly!!! having bangs is a bit different...i have to change the way i do some things! like after i towel dry my hair, i have to be careful not to leave it wrapped up for too long or they stick up funky! and i need to wear a headband to wash my face! but otherwise so far so good ;)

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