Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

So I decided to cut my own bangs over the weekend. My hair has been kind of the same for a while because I'm signed up for free haircuts at Bumble and Bumble University. The only downside is that you get signed up for one specific kind of haircut and have to stick with it. On the other side, I haven't had a bad hair cut yet!!!

I combed out my swoopy bang section from Bumble, and was a little careful not to add too much hair, cause you can always cut more but you can't add back your hair! Then I started by cutting them long, to eye level with sharp scissors and slowly started cutting them shorter to just below the eyebrow. At this point, you are supposed to take the scissors and make cuts up vertically to soften your bangs, but I didn't do that because I liked the blunt bang look. I used a make up brush and towel to brush the cut hairs off my face.

It makes me feel a little like Emily the Strange!

PS. For less cleanup, I leaned over a trash bin!


Gloria said...

whoa, it looks great! I always lean over the sink, but hair just gets everywhere.

btw, I went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store here in LA, but they ran out of the cute $5 envelope purse. I ended up getting a bright teal clutch for $10.

Iole said...

You look cute...I always cut mine too.

Monique said...

i like the blunt bangs. i've been trying to get up the nerve to go get bangs cut myself, but keep changing my mind.

Erin said...

Thanks everyone on the bangs! I figured hair always grows back and I was dying for a change!

Gloria, glad you found one of those clutches ;) It makes me happy you got a good find!

Iole, you cut all your hair??? wow =D

Monique, if you're curious how a hairstyle might look, you could play on to preview what your hair might look like on

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