Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hail Mary - Designer to Watch: Mary Katrantzou

Former RISD and Central St Martin's alum Mary Katrantzou is a name you should remember. The print specialist uses digital printing, bold interpretation of color and symmetry to bring life to her designs. Her previous effort in Spring 2009 led her to win the Best Graduate award at the London Fashion Awards. Now for Fall 2009, she continues to prove her ingenuity in a collection inspired by “Vintage perfume bottles, 18th century portraits and Victor Skrebneski.”

Not only is Mary Katrantzou creative, she is also resourceful. She told Style.com "I found a printer called the Silk Bureau here in London. They do it in their garage....My mother has a furniture-making factory. She's retired, but I forced her to get back in there and make me some pieces." Katrantzou loves the interplay of combining hyper real prints with real jewelry.

As for the collection it mainly consisted of dresses in predominantly simple shift shapes with some slightly more fuller skirted options. The perfume bottles almost become abstract graphics that are both beautiful and intriguing. Surprisingly wearable and utterly unforgettable. I'm torn on which dress is my favorite , but I think the first one pictured as well as the black and white one in the second row are AMAZING!

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Modelizer said...

Truthfully and honestly the best collection out of all the fashion weeks for me. It was so fresh and original, without being ridiculous and too out there. I can't wait to see more from her and hope that one of the big stores picks her up so I can see in the windows.

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