Monday, March 30, 2009

First Look: Miss Trish of Capri for Target

Miss Trish of Capri for Target is coming to stores and on April 5th, 2009. Prices range from $29.99 to $34.99. Jewel accents range from sea turtles to lions heads and lady bugs. Although both wedges and flats are offered, I prefer the flats because they look most true to the signature Miss Trish of Capri style.

Look 1
Cork Wedges in Pink with Mini Crystal Turtles $34.99
Look 2
Wedges in Red Cork with Braided Nautical Rope $34.99
Look 3
Patent Wedges in Black with Enamel/Crystal Ladybug $34.99 Only

Look 4
Gladiator Sandals in Brown with Cabochon and Crystal Turtle $29.99
Look 5
Metallic Flat Sandal with Lions Head $29.99
Look 6
Flat Sandals in Red with Large Gold Starfish $29.99
Look 7
Patent Flat Sandal in Green with Crystal Flower $29.99
Look 8
Patent Flat Sandal in White with Enamel/Crystal Bee and Flowers $29.99
Look 9
Flat Sandal in White patent with Resin Fish in Blue $29.99 Only

1 comment:

Iole said...

love the flat ones

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