Monday, March 30, 2009

dupli-CAUGHT: Urban Outfitters vs. American Apparel

Urban Outfitters has a bit of a reputation for copying others. And is it just me or have they found a way to copy "basics" from American Apparel?

Tribal print leggings
American Apparel, Afrika Printed High-Waist Legging, $34 vs
Urban Outfitters, Silence & Noise Aztec Legging, $32
I prefer the print from AA over the one from UO since the distribution of black vs white is more even. Plus, I don't like the semi-geometric patterns on the UO leggings - especially the third and fourth rows.

Faux snakeskin leggings
American Apparel, Shiny Legging in Boa Black, $42 vs
Urban Outfitters, Silence & Noise Python Legging, now $34 (retail $48)
I've seen both in real life. The American Apparel ones are thicker with much better seams, but I spotted a pair on $10 clearance at the Urban Outfitters in East Village and caved.

Figure Skater Tunic Dress
American Apparel, Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress, $48
Urban Outfitters, Silence & Noise Coated Tunic, $32
Urban Outfitters calls it "coated tunic", but the product description reads, "Hit the ice in this figure skating-inspired tunic that is fitted at the bodice and flared at the swingy skirt." When they say figure skating-inspired, do they mean American Apparel-inspired? I'm not saying American Apparel is the creator of this design, but I think it's fair to credit them with the return of 1970's semi-athletic apparel.

Hurray for options! Made in the USA, sweatshop-free or not.  It's interesting that Urban Outfitters priced their leggings out to be the same as American Apparels, especially since we all know "Made in China" is cheaper than "Made in Downtown LA".

I'd like to take this opportunity to complain about the decline in quality at Urban Outfitters.  Erin recently bought a pair of tights that snagged almost instantly, and I bought a woven belt that was assembled backwards.  And a couple weeks ago, my friend Rose tried on a dress.  It would have been cute if the straps weren't different lengths!  Anyone else notice this?

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Karen said...

They also have hoodies that look like the American Apparel flex fleece hoodies. Haven't really paid attention to the quality of the clothes though since everything is way over what I can afford.

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