Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dupli-CAUGHT: Alice+Olivia for Payless vrs Marc by Marc Jacobs

Alice + Olivia for Payless Fall 2009
I usually love designer collaborations because it's a great opportunity to support real design talent at a price point I can afford. It still credits the designer therefore is different from a knock-off item that copies a design without giving any credit where credit is due.

Unfortunately this time around while perusing the Payless Fall 2009 I was sorely disappointed to discover that Stacey Bendet for Alice + Olivia, took the easy way out by copying the very recognizable and very wanted Marc by Marc Jacobs Bump Toe Buckle Boots from Fall 2008 (that have sold out on shopbop! Barney's and more). This bothers me because this designer that was paid a sizable royalty to design a capsule collection but she did not design much.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008
There are slight adjustments, the Alice + Olivia are shinier black leather while the Marc by Marc's are a softer matte black. The Alice + Olivia has a with a black lacquer platform wedge bottom the Marc by Marc's have a rounded heel that slightly cones. But the inspiration is clear, the to shape and even the number of buckles to the tab on the back of the boot are identical. I suppose the Alice + Olivia version come around a full year after the Marc versions were in stores and the originals are almost impossible to get a hold of, but there are other options to get the buckle boot look for less. Like these Palladium's I recently ordered on, I can't wait to get them! They have a slightly more rugged feel, but I have a feeling the contrast with spring dresses will be great! They are out of this style right now but here's another similar option.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised. Alice+Olivia knock off a lot of designers. And the designers they knock off do not even have to be as big as Marc Jacobs. The duplication is not just shoes - it is dresses, blouses, shorts...whatever.

Nanna fram DK said...

I so agree. It's totally rip off.
I have been looking for the Marc Jacobs boots for such a long time. I want the real ones. Do you know if they are able to be found anywhere anymore?


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