Friday, March 27, 2009

dupli-CAUGHT: Aldo, Zara & Jeffrey Campbell

Remember back when I was raving about Christophe Decarnin's Balmain collection? Looks like everyone wanted in on the action. Balmain is incredible and the sky high prices (similar Balmain shoes sell for $1,745) match the sky high stilettos that everyone is knocking off this season. Knock offs are wrong especially when they are as blatant as the examples I have below!

The Original Balmain Shoes feature super sparkly large sew on crystals I am assuming are Swarovski and graceful heel that curves inwards, two ankle straps of varied widths, silver square and round studs. Suede shoe base with front toe strap. These shoes are actually super sparkly!

These Jeffrey Campbell Mel's are in my opinion the closest of the imitators. They cost $169.95 on Solestruck. You can see that the heel is shorter, clunkier and straight down. A front platform has been added. The toe strap removed. Crystals changed from individual sew ons to crystal trim while others replaced with studs. The suede has been replaced by patent, which makes the shoe look more blinged out than necessary. They do use a combination of both square and round studs and triangles have been added as well These studs appear to stick out of the shoe more than on the Balmains.

The next closest shoe spotted on Jak & Jil are Zara's attempt at the Balmain's. They do get points for sparkle, and the heel shape is more similar to Balmain's than Jeffrey Campbell, however the strap widths are all the same and only one type of stud was used which is also a higher profile pyramid stud that is very unlike the originals. Toe strap has also been removed. They were selling for $169 but are sold out in stores and greedy ridiculous people are selling them on ebay for upwards of $379! I've seen it in the $500s which could buy you a nice pair of Louboutins or 2! I hope no one buys them from ebay because it's seriously ridiculous to be paying that price for Zara imitations when you could be buying actual designer goods! These shoes are also super floppy and have no structure when off the foot.

Last but not least are the Aldo imitators! They created not one but 2 copies! The Smeal and Molavi are both $125. They are the cheapest option but they also lost alot of the design elements along the way. Heels on both are straighter and pointier and they use leather instead of suede. Straps have been reduced on both styles they use enamel and sivler round and square studs and don't have any crystal embellishment.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we have alot of Balmain wannabes in the world.


Iole said...

I saw them at Zara in the morning and thought to buy them later in the afternoon...but my numeber then was already gone...arghhh.
so next time I'll buy them immediately...

blanka said...

these sandals balmain and zara are selling here:

quick because there is a small stock!

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