Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Runway Review: Edition by Georges Chakra Fall 2009

I was lucky enough to attend Georges Chakra's very first ready-to-wear show last Saturday. This review is a little overdue, but it's been a crazy week between a full time job, Fashion Week and lovely friends/family in town.

I'm sure not everyone has heard of Georges Chakra yet, but he has long been a favorite amongst the red carpet set including celebreties like Queen Latifah, Fergie, Carrie Underwood, Mischa Barton, Beyoncé and Helen Mirren.

The Canadian born, Parisian based designer's haute couture roots are definitely evident throughout this collection. The designer is said to be inspired by YSL, and so I paid tribute to YSL as well in my attire.

The look for Georges Chakra Fall 2009 is all about the elegant party girl that goes to the future.

The iridescent fabrics and shimmering lamé lend a space-like quality to the show. The show started off with bold grey scultural silhouettes that were reminiscent of the 50s but were almost unusual because they looked static, bold and unmoving.

The show then switched gears to a soft ombre effect taffeta collection with one of my favorite looks pictured at the very top (the soft cascade front dress). It was softer, more feminine and very pretty.

Then came the whimsical elements. Perhaps an homage to Barbie as she did turn 50 this year? Plastic, neon butterflies sprang up from round sequin plates placed randomly about, while a sculptural butterfly grew out of the magenta gown above. I'm not really sure how I feel about the plastic butterflies, they did add an element of fun because they were so unexpected, but I'm not sure how they would look on an actual person. But then again Fashion should be fun!

There was a series of gowns that followed that had a bit of a slightly tougher aesthetic. I think the dress on the end with the cut out armholes would look fierce on any starlet. I would love to see it on Cate Blanchett.

Another favorite look of mine was the strapless dress that dripped with Swarovski Crystal Fringe above. I'm not sure the photo gets across how awesome I thought this dress was!

Showstopper pieces preceded the finale stroll. Glamorous shining expertly pleated and draped pieces fit for a modern goddess.

Overall, there were many unique and beautiful dresses that I thought were fantastic. I think I preferred the dresses that had more movement, but the static dresses at the beginning did set the stage for more. Every piece looked cut with precision and thought and the finishing looked impeccable. I could definitely see why Georges Chakra is a red carpet favorite, as this was only his first ready-to-wear collection, I'm sure you can expect to hear his name a bit more in the future and hopefully I'll be there to experience it!


Shelly said...

wow! great review... while i was just watching and enjoying the show you were really studying it!

Erin said...

thanks Shelly^^ glad you were there to share in the moment! btw Jennifer Love Hewitt is in one of my pics from a distance(turning her head)...she was sitting in the front row across from us but way down!

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