Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Runway Review: Christian Lacroix Couture

Christian Lacroix Couture was a combination of juxtapositions. As always dresses were beautiful and fantastical, but it was also a little confused. I wasn’t always sure where he was going with his theme, “The Designs of her Nature” as his intentions became blurred with too many elements. There are many celeb worthy concoctions, but in the end I wasn't sure exactly what the take away should be.

Black, navy, stone and nude started off the show in sharply tailored daywear silhouettes.
The cropped jacket with vest and full pleated trouser was one of my favorite looks of the show. Contrasts continued with the pairing of a soft chiffon tiered dress with a military jacket or bold stripes or bold and bright primary blue. Sparkle was apparent and added accent to more somber looks.

He combined delicate lace and flowers in soft colors that felt almost Rococo in the frivilousity with with screaming brights and graphic stripes and dots in stark black/navy and white. The polka dots were often Minnie Mouse scale, and combined with solid brights or a combo of mini dots.

Midway through the show a sudden rainbow of brights emerged. Classic Lacroix touches never look sickly sweet but kind of rock and roll included bows tied at the neck and sparkly heart necklace.

Giant corsages reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw from SATC while other pieces just got a smattering of loose petals. While acidic color choices reminded me that this isn't pure Victorian served straight up.

As with other couture shows, the emphasis on shoulders continued but in a slightly different manner, it wasn’t so much the sleeves that were creating the puffs, but giant puffs that flowed out of the one shoulder looks.

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