Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catwalk to the Laptop?

In an effort to save money, an increasing number of fashion companies are opting for digital presentations of their work. Halston's Fall 2009 video presentation is no exception, although their press release claims that this film is, "This is a small step of innovation from Halston yet a large leap for the industry." because the video provides, "provides a global platform for viewers to indulge in the captivating atmosphere of an intimate presentation." I think it was another cost saving measure as a video can't generate the same energy a runway show does. But you have to hand it to Halston for making their video so readily available for both the public and editors at the same time.

The video follows the Halston heroine as she traipses about in a flowing yellow dress at a hyponitically slow pace. The surroundings are various New York Street scenes, from high class to seedy as she passes various figures all wearing Halston and standing about in a most static manner. I think my favorite part was when it was raining shoes and the finale of the silver balloons, but overall it was difficult to focus on any of the clothes.

Watch the video for yourself here.

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