Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Featured Friend: Brit

Meet Brit. Her style is vintage, girly, and bohemian. She's usually in a vintage (or vintage-inspired) dress or skirt, but from time to time, I'll see her in jeans. Whatever the ensemble, her style always comes through.

I choose to feature this outfit because it's a perfect example of how accessories can make a look. She started with a basic white tunic and slim black jeans, and by throwing on statement pieces like the scarf, bangle and red boots she created a look of her own. I also love that Brit's outfit was cohesive without being matchy matchy. Her scarf, boots, clutch, and coat weren't the same color but all had shades of red or blue - not to mention their own story, very bohemian.

The piece that caught my attention was the scarf. I found it amusing and fascinating that she managed to find a 1950's floral keffiyeh. She didn't actually find it. It was a gift from her friend Melissa. You can check out more of Melissa's scarves and designs at her shop on etsy.com.

Embellished print scarf - melissaloschy.etsy.com
Multi-color coat - Kenzi, a gift from Mom
White tunic - Min Chan Hollywood, a hand me down from a friend
Silver bangle - vendor at Pike Street Market in Seattle
Red leather boots - Aldo from a couple years ago
Blue leather clutch - a hand me down from from Grandma

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