Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Voluminous Shorts for Spring

I've been seeing voluminous shorts emerging since at least last year. Patrick Robinson did a pair for his Target collection which I quickly snagged. Opening ceremony had a satin splatter ink pair in taupe & black. Junya Wantanabe (Left) had a pair on the runway for Spring 2008. Now Chloe (Center) and Vivienne Westwood (Right) have versions for Spring 2009. This look isn't for everyone as not everyone likes to show their legs or add volume to their bottom, but if worn right, it can be quite adorable. If you're going to attempt this look, I would recommend a top with some waist definition as shown in the first 2 looks or go the route of Dame Viv and add a pretty soft blouse with slight volume. Would you wear this look?

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