Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Product Recommendation: SIGG Water Bottles

Six months ago, my best friend surprised me with a SIGG water bottle for my birthday. It was truly the perfect gift. I use it everyday, and I love it. Made of aluminum, the bottles are very light and very durable. I've dropped mine a few times and throw it around daily, and it's still going strong. I also like how it keeps my drink chilled.

SIGGs are healthy because unlike plastic bottles they don't leach Bysphenol A (BPA) into water. BPA has been deemed as potentially harmful and linked to cancer. And naturally, having a bottle of water on you means you'll drink more water!

SIGGs are also eco-friendly! By refilling your SIGG (or any water bottle) instead of buying bottled water, you're reducing the amount of energy that goes into bottling and transporting the water as well as the amount of waste produced by the plastic bottles. I could give you some stats, but it's depressing and I think you get the idea.

In the past I've had trouble keeping my water bottles clean. Even with all the fine scrubbing and soaking, I never felt like they were ever really clean enough. With my SIGG, I have only had one problems with odor and that's because I forgot about it for over a week. It was a sad week in my life, but with some soap and lots of rinsing, I was able to take care of it.

I've talked about this water bottle at length, let's move onto links. For more information or to purchase a SIGG, visit They're also available in stores at retailers like Whole Foods and REI. And for more information on Bysphenol A (BPA), check out this article from TreeHugger.

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