Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dupli-CAUGHT: Pour La Victoire

I was browisng an online sample sale last week and I was really dissapointed to discover that Pour La Victoire knocked off Givenchy. Peep the Givenchy Shoes on the left and Pour La Victoire's version on the right and you'll have to agree that this is beyond inspired by and a blatant copy.

The reason that I am shocked is that Pour La Victoire shoes are not a cheap brand and they have been spotted on celebrities like Leighton Meester and Kate Hudson and on runways like Obedient Sons and Tuleh.

While PLV's version retailed for about $300, the Givenchy were $995 regular price. Differences to note: PLV's have a stacked platform, shinier finish leather and the knotted strips look sloppier than the Givenchy's. Also the front side panel of the shoe looks smaller and more chic on the Givenchy's while it ends up looking slightly too clunky on the PLV version. Same thing goes for the heel the Givenchy's are ultra skinny while the PLV's are slightly clunkier. Finally the hardware looks cheaper on the PLVs.

As you know I do not endorse knock offs. Please PLV show some originality!

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