Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vintage is Eco-Friendly Fashion

Check out this video I did with professional stylist Cate Sheehy and the wonderful eco-friendly folks over at Sprig.com. Filming the video was a blast, and I love, love, loved the outfits we put together. Cate was amazing. She has a great eye and is so fast! In the time that it took me to find two dresses, she had at least seven ready for me to try on, and with a belt and her incredible skills, she can make almost any dress fit.

1 - 1970's red jumpsuit. Ah! I adore jumpsuits. In fact, I collect them! I usually stray away from red because I usually it doesn't work well with my complexion, so I was pleasantly surprised with this number. Besides the jumpsuit itself, I loved the necklace and the way it broke up all of the red.

2- 1960's blue & green dress. This dress jumped out at me because of the color and beautiful pattern. The original belt that came with the dress was broken, so we replaced it with another belt, which worked out better than the original one ever would have. The green belt created a waist and added some pop. I love color!

3 - 1920's lace dress. I have to give Cate major kudos on this one. This dress was originally longer, but with Cate's magic touch and some pins, we played with the dress so it just below my knees rather than right above my ankles. She did an amazing job with the accessories!

4 - 1980's metallic brown dress. This dress looked so frumpy on the hanger, and since it was made of slinky material, I wasn't sure how it was going to work out with my big hips. But once I put it on, I was in love! It had the illusion of being a body conscious dress, while still hiding things I'm self conscious about. Amazing.

5 - Reconstructed vintage dress. This was my favorite of Hairy Mary's designs. The owner has a collection of dresses made from vintage fabrics, creating something new with something old. The dress originally had a much wider block of fabric in the middle, which made my torso look long and my legs look shorter, so I tucked half of it under and ta-dah, kimono band!

We filmed at Hairy Mary's Vintage in Lower East Side. They have a great selection! Personally, its a bit pricey for me, but considering the time and energy you save plus the one-of-a-kind factor, it's not too bad. I was on a shopping freeze, so sadly, I didn't take home any of the dresses in the video.

Speaking of vintage, Erin and I will be posting up a couple new SRC videos soon - How to Shop Vintage and How to Style Vintage.


Yumi said...

That was super cool! Btw. When did you film that?

Lani said...

a few weeks ago, sometime in october :)

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