Thursday, November 13, 2008

Featured Friend - Rosalin

This is Rosalin. Originally from California, she had to learn how to dress for chilly weather, and I have to say she's done really well!

I loved this outfit. She took a summer dress and layered to make it fit for a brisk fall night. Her scarf, dress, coat, shoes, none of the items were the exact same color, but her outfit looked cohesive because she played with neutral earth tones.

I wish there was better lighting or I had a better camera to capture the contrast of textures - the smooth, shiny coat vs the wooly scarf and organic dress. Playing with textures is a subtle way to keep things interesting. Bravo, Rosalin!

Dress - Rogan for Target
Coat - MICHAEL Michael Kors
Scarf - H&M

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