Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Excellent Customer Service from Bliss Lau

"I understand how incredibly important the right outfit to an event is..." - Bliss Lau

After reading a previous iWant post, our friend and reader Jeff purchased a piece from Bliss Lau to wear to an event. With the item shipping from New York to Canada and the event only a few days away, Jeff wasn't sure his order would make it in time. What would happen?

Read about Jeff's experience with Bliss Lau
I purchased the CRISSCROSS piece from www.blisslau.com after reading a posting on this blog for Bliss Lau and her body jewelry. After looking around the online store, I decided on getting the CRISSCROSS piece to wear at an event coming up. It took a while to decide on which piece to get since they are all unique in their own right.

After placing my order, I was getting a bit worried since my item had not arrived yet and my event was only a few days away - so I decided to email Bliss to see if she knew the status of my order. After finding out that my item was scheduled to arrive after the event I intended to wear the piece at, Bliss was amazing and offered to make me another item and express ship it (to Canada) so that I would receive it on time. She made the second order the same day, shipped it out and paid for all of the shipping, duties and custom charges in addition to confirming with the shipping company that the item would arrive to me in time. I was so grateful for her generosity and in the end was able to wear the piece to the event!

Part of the confusion with the order I placed was due to the shipping terms which I could not readily see on the website - and after notifying Bliss, she indicated that she would make the appropriate modifications to her website to avoid any future misunderstandings.

All in all, this is hands down the best retail experience I have ever had. Bliss was helpful from the moment I asked for her advise on which piece to order, to following through with my suggestion to have the shipping terms stated explicitly on her website. I would definitely recommend her product and especially her attention to customer satisfaction to anyone. The construction and craftsmanship of the piece I received was amazing and I will definitely order something else from her in the future!


A side note: A satisfied customer is the best showcase for a great product. After seeing Jeff rock this piece, another friend of ours is definitely planning on ordering from Bliss Lau soon.

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shanahs said...

how awsome. customer service is so important. and jeff, you looked great at the wedding!

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