Wednesday, October 29, 2008

iWant Giles & Brother Jewelry

Giles & Brother is a diffusion line of the Philip Crangi jewelry collection. Named for the brother and sister team, Giles & Brother features some of the favorite motifs and icons of Philip Crangi, its designer. Conceived as a more affordable option to Philip's other collections, Giles & Brother is a charm-based line with finishes in sterling silver, vermeil (18k plating over sterling silver), and blackened sterling silver. They create jewelry for both men and women.

I love the industrial/organic look of these pieces. Particularly the Emerald Cage Necklace pictured above! The Emerald Cage & Pear Cage Earrings are also great, they shapes are that of gems, without the precious stone, they almost make me wish I had pierced ears. They also make a variety of tiny interesting earrings varying from muskets to safety pins. I had to include the bats in honor of Halloween!

The prices range from $64 for simpler earrings to $635 for the Emerald Cage Necklace.

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