Sunday, October 26, 2008

Different Language, Similar Style

Visiting from Korea, she only spoke a few words of English. I spotted her at Uniqlo and loved her overall look as well as the individual pieces. I liked how she wore the same color dress, leggings, and shoes without looking too matchy-matchy by wearing muted colors and mixing in a yellow tee and a long navy cardigan.

Her dress and shoes were both orange and brown color block and unfortunately for most of us, from Korea. Her cardigan was also a nifty number. The patterned cream scarf-like piece was actually attached pleated and attached to the cardigan. Can someone teach me how to say "super cute" in Korean?

Side note, I can't stand the lime green puffy jacket in the background. I know they're supposedly making a comeback, but I can't see it happening. Voluminous, bubble silhouettes? Yes. Puffy fat boy jackets? No.

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