Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Return to Personal Blogging

I miss blogging. I miss sharing my favorite things and documenting my thoughts and the changes in my personal style.

The landscape and community has changed so much since Erin and I started in 2008. Everyone wants to get famous. Bloggers will write anything for free swag and push affiliate links. Not everyone is this way, but it seems to be the majority. When we started, fashion bloggers were just ladies who were super passionate and enthusiastic about clothes, design and shopping. I don't have anything against people who monetizing blogging. In fact, I commend them for turning their passion into a business, but the community feels different, less sincere and more competitive than supportive.

In the last few years, I had to force myself to focus on just a couple tasks verses several, and it's one of the major reasons why I fell off as a blogger. Fashion blogging from Chicago didn't feel the same as blogging from New York, and adjusting to a new city took more time than I expected. Now three and a half years later, I really feel like a part of the scene here and I've got steady work as a DJ and freelance writer/ad strategist. It's also possible that I just aged out.

I spent a couple months last summer thinking about how I would relaunch Sugar Rock Catwalk, not so much to the world, but to myself and friends. Right as I was getting ready to start actively blogging and writing again, I had the opportunity to be the editor of Racked Chicago. It was a whirlwind experience, and while it was great, it also took everything I had. It was even starting to affect my DJ work. Racked Chicago has since closed as Racked focuses on Racked National. Since then I've continued DJing and I've taken on a variety of freelance projects, everything from a restaurant opening to rebranding a mass womenswear brand. Now, I have a little time to catch my breath and perhaps blog again. I have been built some new passions as of late and look forward to once again sharing with others.


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Anonymous said...

Late to the post, but congrats on Racked Chicago! It sucks that it ultimately didn't last, but it was a great opportunity and a testament to your abilities! I look forward to the relaunching of SugarRockCatwalk!

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